Grid Energy Storage

Grid energy storage systems are designed to augment or replace generation, transmission, and distribution assets across the grid. These large, “utility-side of the meter” systems can make the grid more reliable and more flexible by decoupling energy services from a particular fuel source.

Aquion’s Aspen batteries are designed for long-duration applications (charge/discharge cycling between 4 and 20 hours). They are well suited for a range of long-duration, grid energy storage applications, including primary uses for bulk energy shifting for large-scale renewables, peak shaving for T&D deferral, and grid resiliency through distributed and dispatchable storage, while also supporting ancillary services.

Aquion’s non-flammable, non-explosive, non-toxic batteries eliminate safety and environmental concerns with large-scale grid energy storage installations in urban environments. Siting centralized or distributed battery systems in densely populated areas can increase the effectiveness of the assets, yielding greater benefits for the utility.

grid energy storage

Our batteries are different.

Reliablegrid energy storage

  • Avoid costly downtime and battery replacements
  • Tolerant to high ambient temperatures
  • 100% DoD cycling with minimal degradation
  • Self-balancing, minimal self-discharge, and no trickle charge required
  • High tolerance to long stands at partial state of charge (PSOC)

Cost Effectivegrid energy storage

  • Excellent calendar and cycle life
  • No thermal management or active battery management system required
  • Straightforward site preparation and installation
  • Simple system operation
  • Minimal system maintenance

Safegrid energy storage

  • Safe to handle, ship, and operate
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-explosive
  • No dangerous or catastrophic failure modes
  • Eliminates high concentrations of toxic or flammable materials, critically important for large scale urban installations

Sustainablegrid energy storage

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