Microgrid Energy Storage

Microgrids range in generating capacity from kilowatts to megawatts and provide power to a variety of applications, from small cell phone towers to large commercial, industrial, and military installations. 

By decoupling the generation source from the load, energy storage balances system supply and demand in real time, which enhances the stability and efficiency of microgrids. This reduces reliance on diesel generation and increases utilization of intermittent renewable energy as a dispatchable source of power.

Robust, long-lasting batteries for microgrids.

Aquion’s Aspen batteries are designed to meet the rigorous daily, deep-cycling requirements of microgrid applications. The batteries have excellent life even when cycling at partial or high depths of discharge, reducing the need for system oversizing and costly battery replacements.

Aquion’s maintenance-free, abuse-tolerant batteries deliver reliable performance at high ambient temperatures without the need for costly thermal regulation and extensive monitoring equipment. Our safe, non-flammable, and environmentally friendly batteries are easy to handle and ship, supporting a simplified siting and deployment process.

microgrid energy storage long life

Long Life

telecom batteries deep cycling

Deep Cycling

telecom batteries partial state of charge cycling

Partial State of
Charge Cycling

telecom batteries maintenance-free


telecom batteries high temperature

Heat Tolerant

Modular, scalable batteries for flexible system design.

Aspen batteries modular and scalable and used in systems ranging from kWhs to MWhs.  Our batteries are compatible with commercial, off-the-shelf, high-voltage and high-power inverters.  Aspen batteries are built in our state-of-the-art, automated manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania, with manufacturing capacity can scale to meet large orders.

Aquion’s unique combination of performance, system simplicity, safety, and sustainability results in industry-leading total cost of ownership (TCO) for off-grid and microgrid applications.

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Our batteries are different.

Reliablegrid energy storage

  • Avoid costly downtime and battery replacements
  • Tolerant to high ambient temperatures
  • 100% DoD cycling with minimal degradation
  • Self-balancing, minimal self-discharge, and no trickle charge required
  • High tolerance to long stands at partial state of charge (PSOC)

Cost Effectivegrid energy storage

  • Excellent calendar and cycle life
  • No thermal management or active battery management system required
  • Straightforward site preparation and installation
  • Simple system operation
  • Minimal system maintenance

Safegrid energy storage

  • Safe to handle, ship, and operate
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-explosive
  • No dangerous or catastrophic failure modes

Sustainablegrid energy storage

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