Off-Grid Lighting.

Bring the light. Leave the diesel.

Good lighting is critical to the safety and functionality of any human-occupied space. Modern LED technology has greatly increased the energy efficiency and flexibility of lighting design. Now, energy storage extends these benefits off the grid.

Aquion’s Aspen batteries provide long-lasting, cost-effective, maintenance-free power for off-grid lighting systems. The modular batteries come in two nominal voltages, 48 V and 24 V, and easily scale to a wide variety of installation designs.

LED lighting, solar power, and Aspen batteries provide reliable, cost-effective illumination any time and anywhere, outdoors or indoors. These self-sustaining energy systems eliminate the cost of extending grid power or continually purchasing, transporting, and burning diesel fuel.

telecom batteries long lasting

Long Life

telecom batteries deep cycling

Deep Cycling

telecom batteries maintenance-free


telecom batteries high temperature

Heat Tolerant

telecom batteries partial state of charge cycling

Partial State of
Charge Cycling

Off-Grid Lighting Applications


  • Dwellings, to replace kerosene or other combustion lighting
  • Construction sites
  • Infrastructure (e.g., telecommunication towers)
  • Billboards and other commercial signage
  • Road signage
  • Bus or rail stops
  • Overhead lighting in recreational facilities and parking lots

Our Aspen 48S and Aspen 24S batteries are high-performance building blocks that can be configured to meet any lighting system requirement. Each Aspen battery is

  • ~2.2 kWh
  • ~1’ x 1’ x 3’ (~300 x 300 x 1,000 mm)
  • 48 or 24 volts nominal
off-grid lighting thailand

Read how the Bangkok Airport illuminated its 23.5-km Sky Lane bicycle track with more than 700 LED lights and Aquion batteries.


bangkok off-grid lighting

Our Batteries Are Different

ReliableHigh-performing salt water battery

  • Avoid costly downtime and battery replacements
  • Tolerant to high ambient temperatures
  • 100% DoD cycling with minimal degradation
  • Self-balancing, minimal self-discharge, and no trickle charge required
  • High tolerance to long stands at partial state of charge (PSOC)

SafeSafe salt water battery

  • Safe to handle, ship, and operate
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-explosive
  • No dangerous or catastrophic failure modes

Cost EffectiveCost-effective saltwater battery

  • Straightforward site preparation and installation
  • Simple system operation
  • Minimal system maintenance
  • Excellent calendar and cycle life
  • No thermal management or active battery management system required

SustainableSustainable salt water battery

We’re changing the game for energy storage. 

Download our technology comparison to see how our unique chemistry is safer, more reliable, and more efficient than traditional lead acid.
lead acid battery performance