We’re Changing the World

At Aquion, we’re tackling one of the biggest challenges of our generation – global access to clean and reliable energy. Aquion offers a unique opportunity to join a high performing and driven organization in doing work that genuinely matters.

We have a highly educated team of experts with deep experience in the battery and energy industry. Aquion is actively looking for intelligent, committed and innovative thinkers to join our team of world-class science, engineering, business and manufacturing professionals. Aquion hires exceptional individuals and fosters their growth, both personally and professionally. With hundreds of jobs projected over the next few years, there are numerous opportunities in every functional area and discipline within the company.

Information about the exciting renewable energy jobs available in all locations, including our full-scale manufacturing facility, is posted here. If you can’t find a close match to your skill set but would still like to be considered, please contact us. Aquion is an equal opportunity employer.

Core Values

Aquion’s culture is best described through our core values, which we use to foster a high-energy, positive, productive and collaborative work environment. The culture and values matter to us and they energize and drive us to high performance and results.

Our Customers Come First.

We create value for our customers by building world class products and providing services that consistently surpass their expectations. Our customers can count on us for outstanding support before and after their purchases.

Say What We Do, Do What We Say.

We deliver on our commitments. We take personal accountability for our work and foster a culture of action and transparency. Integrity is at the core of everything we do.

Consistent Excellence

We take pride in being a high-performance organization. We set aggressive goals and then we deliver. Our products are developed, manufactured, and tested to exceed the highest quality standards.

Relentless Improvement

We know it can be better. This approach pervades our research, product development, manufacturing, and business processes. We believe innovation and continuous improvement are the keys to establishing and sustaining leadership in the energy storage industry.

Everyone Contributes

We set aside rank and ego and perform as a team. We trust each other’s abilities and value all contributions. We rely on facts, logic, and data to evaluate ideas. We make each other better.

Safety Is Paramount

Maintaining the safety of our employees, contractors, customers, partners and communities is critical. We do this with a strong commitment to our safety programs and an overarching mentality tied to across-the-board safety.

We Give a Damn

Our team is passionately committed to winning. Winning to us is changing the world by providing energy storage technology that leads to better, more sustainable energy solutions around the world.

Have Fun Along The Way!

If our values resonate with you, we encourage you to read the Ten Top Reasons to Work Here!

Top 10 Reasons to Work Here

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to work at Aquion – as described by the Aquion team:

1. The Chance to Change the World.

Aquion Energy’s disruptive technology is going to change the world, and the opportunity to be a part of that change is real and meaningful.

2. The Technological Challenge

Aquion Energy is taking cutting edge materials science form the labs of CMU to develop a novel electrochemical storage device.

3. A World Class Organization

The company is backed by world class venture capitalists and the Department of Energy. Our diverse team of high-performing experts is made of employees from top tier institutions.

4. The People

Aquioners are a group of inquisitive, creative, comical, passionate and enthusiastic people who care about what they are doing. There is a profound sense of camaraderie.

5. Your Ideas Matter

Aquion fosters an environment in which everyone is encouraged to contribute, develop and grow. Both peers and supervisors regularly nominate standout achievements for awards because we make each other better. Your ideas and your efforts matter at Aquion!

6. The Team

Aquion fosters a collaborative team mentality. We are not afraid to make mistakes, nor do we dwell on failures. We are all in this together.

7. The Culture

A strong culture emerged from Aquioners’ shared mission and values. This translates to open communication, collaborative attitudes, and well-designed spaces to foster great minds at work. The company values its employees, and we encourage fun along the way. Themed BBQs, French Pastry Tuesdays, backyard gardening, and [insert your idea for fun here] are just a few examples of what makes us special.

8. The Work Environment

Aquion emphasizes creative and open workspaces, in turn stimulating collaboration and creativity. Have you ever seen grass “growing” on walls? We do! Every day!

9. The Personalities Are a Plus

There is no need to hide your true colors in order to fulfill a role. We embrace originality!

10. The Great Benefits

You matter to Aquion. As such, we prioritize your health and well-being. We offer a complete and comprehensive benefits package, a 401(k) plan, stock options and a generous PTO program.