Integrated Energy Storage Solutions

Clean, safe, and now plug and play.

Several of our trusted partners have developed fully integrated energy storage solutions for your home.  These plug-and-play systems make it even easier to start storing your solar energy for on demand use.

Our partners’ energy storage solutions are built using our Aspen batteries in full compliance with local standards and include optimized power control electronics for a complete high-performance integrated solution.  The energy storage solutions are modular and can be configured to meet the energy requirements for any home.

These energy storage solutions are currently available in North America and Australia.

Energy Storage Solutions for North America

AHI™ Wave ESS by Sentinel Solar

Sentinel Solar’s AHI™ Wave ESS is a complete plug-and-play energy storage system that integrates Aquion’s industry-leading Aspen battery technology incorporated with world-class inverter technology from Outback Power, within a energy storage solutions outbackfully engineered and robust enclosure.

It is designed for residential and commercial use on new and existing grid interactive and off-grid applications.

The AHI™ Wave ESS units are UL listed and available in NEMA 1 and NEMA 3R enclosures for indoor and outdoor installation.

View specs and learn more on the Sentinel Solar website.

Sentinel Solar is an Aquion Authorized Distributor serving the North American market.



Integrated Solutions for North America

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Energy Storage Solutions for Australia

Titan SmartStorage by Fusion Power Systems

Fusion Power Systems’ Titan SmartStorage product line features plug-and-play, modular design allowing for the fastest and simplest system installation in market, seamlessly incorporating water-based Aquion Hybrid Ion batteries for a clean, safe and cost effective complete home solar storage system.

Using their proprietary Smartbridge technology, the Titan Energy Storage solution can be seamlessly integrated into pre-existing solar systems and utilize the existing grid connected solar inverters already in place.  This state of the art technology is unmatched by other battery solutions in the market today.

View specs and learn more on the Titan Energy Storage website.

Titan Energy Storage is a subsidiary company of Fusion Power Systems: an Aquion Authorized Distributor serving the Australian market.


energy storage solutions for australia

Integrated Solutions for Australia

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