Telecom Batteries

You need a better telecom battery.

If you manage remote telecom towers, you strive for high reliability so you can provide customers with seamless cellular service. You also know first-hand the difficulties of achieving that with hybrid energy systems that rely on lead acid batteries.  A robust telecom battery is the key to having a reliable telecom power supply for off-grid and weak-grid sites.

Aquion’s Aspen batteries make it easy. Our lead-free telecom batteries deliver long life (2-3x lead acid), allow daily deep cycling, and have no maintenance requirements. They’re also heat tolerant—the batteries can operate at average daily temperatures of up to 40°C without degradation or requiring HVAC. Aspen batteries can even sit at a partial state of charge without incurring any damage.

Learn more about how Aquion batteries outperform and outlast lead acid.

telecom batteries long lasting

Long Life

telecom batteries deep cycling

Deep Cycling

telecom batteries maintenance-free


telecom batteries high temperature

Heat Tolerant

telecom batteries partial state of charge cycling

Partial State of
Charge Cycling

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Easy, drop-in replacement for lead acid telecom batteries.

The Aspen battery works with the existing power control electronics of most hybrid telecom energy systems, making it a simple drop-in replacement for lead acid batteries.

Our Aspen 48S and Aspen 24S batteries are high-performance building blocks that can be configured to meet any telecom hybrid energy system requirement.

Each Aspen battery is:

  • ~2.2 kWh
  • ~1’ x 1’ x 3’ (~300 x 300 x 1,000 mm)
  • 48 or 24 volts nominal

AHI vs Lead Acid

Side-by-side comparison of gel lead acid (grey) batteries and Aspen 48S (black) batteries for a 22 kWh application.

Field Deploymentsgermany grid tied residential solar

  • Aquion batteries provide daily power for off-grid systems around the world.
  • We’ve shipped 30+ MWhs of batteries to over 200 locations.
  • Our automated production line can scale to meet peak customer demand.