Solar Battery Sizing

How many solar batteries do I need for my home?

Aspen solar batteries are modular building blocks that can be configured for a wide range of solar battery sizing needs. The number of batteries you need depends on several factors. Your installer will work with you to determine the right-sized system for your home. Factors include:

  • How much energy does your home need?
  • Are you grid-tied or off-grid?
  • How much power do your solar panels produce?
  • How many hours/days you want to be able to run solely from batteries?
  • What do you want your batteries to be used for?

Explore example solar battery system sizes below, and read this off-grid system sizing blog post for more.

Solar Battery System Sizing Examples

System sizing can vary based on where and how you live. We’ve created a few examples of solar energy storage systems for homes to give you a better idea of what it may look like. We chose three regions where residential solar self-consumption is becoming increasingly popular: Australia, Germany, and Hawaii.

Take a look and download the project spotlights for more detailed system specifications.

Australian Home, Grid-tied, Solar Self-consumption

solar battery sizing australia

perth australia project spotlight


German Home, Grid-tied, Solar Self-consumption

solar battery sizing germany
germany grid tied residential solar

Hawaiian Home, Off-grid

solar battery sizing hawaii
hawaii microgrid

Ready to see how many batteries you need for your home? Download our system sizing tool.

Typical Solar Battery System Designs

Once you determine the number of Aquion Aspen home batteries you need for your solar system, the question becomes: grid-tied or off-grid? Many homeowners choose energy storage to reduce reliance on the grid, save money, and have backup in case the grid goes down. Others choose to go completely off-grid, living independently and relying 100% on their own solar power. Aquion batteries are well-suited to both kinds of applications.

Below are some visualizations of typical solar battery system designs. You can talk to your dealer or installer to see which option makes the most sense for your home.


Grid-Tied Solar Home Battery System


Off-Grid Solar Home Battery System


going off the grid system sizing